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Setting the Stage for Play to Find Us

My childhood memories revolve around playing endless games of tag, hide and seek and running bases with my brothers. We also spent lots of time camping as a family, catching salamanders in culverts, fishing in remote rivers, and playing Marco Polo anywhere we went swimming. My father was a wonderful story teller, teasing our imagination [...]

When Kids Misbehave

Dr. Neufeld completed a series of interviews with Kids in the House. I'm pleased to have permission to run these informative videos to bring you Dr. Neufeld's attachment-based, developmentally friendly parenting advice -- in three minutes or less! When kids misbehave| Find More Parenting Tips, Advice, and Videos at KidsInTheHouse.com

Parenting the Sensitive Child

If the tag on your child’s shirt feels this big, and the seams on their socks are so annoying they have to turn the socks inside out, and the noise of the automatic flush toilets in the mall send them running out in tears, chances are you have a sensitive child. These children are also stirred [...]

Cultivating Resilience in Our Children

What makes one person robust in the face of adversity, and another fragile and weak? Human beings have the potential to be incredibly adaptive, but not everybody develops this capacity. It is not so much what happens to us, but our response to it that matters. I am fascinated with resilience, and how to cultivate [...]

The Summer Whine

Just as you may have been so excited in June for summer to start, and to have more down time with the kids, some of you may now be yearning for September to come. I have heard many parents complaining about how challenging it is to be with their children all day, every day, often [...]

What Clients are Saying

"Wise, compassionate, skilled... Heather's skilled guidance offered us new insights and practical tools to better support our growing boys."


Locations and Contact

All classes and counselling services for individuals, couples and families are based out of the beautiful Matraea Centre in Duncan, BC. Professional consulting services available to teachers and helping professionals on Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland.

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“The secret of parenting is not in what a parent does, but in who a parent is to their child.” – Gordon Neufeld